High Plains CNC maintains a state of the art CNC milling machine that individuals can use on a rental basis to perform certain operations to AR-15 and AR-10 firearms. Please note that, in order to use the CNC machine, all receivers must already have been modified by their owner to the point where they meet the legal definition of a firearm. Receivers without the requisite modifications will not physically fit into the machine.

There are three steps to the process for completing your lower:

1. Purchase your 80% lower
Please note, if you do not have an 80% lower in your possession, we have them delivered to our location daily so your 80% lower can be waiting here when you arrive. Our 80% receivers are machined from billet (Aluminum Block). These are not casting or forgings so the quality is second to none. Machined uppers from billet are also available on site and can be matched and purchased in several colors.
We have had other 80% lowers machined here, however we cannot guarantee that every lower is compatible to our fixture. We can only guarantee compatibility with our machined lowers.

Prices below reflect both the uppers each and the lowers each.

AR15 - Lowers and Uppers AR10 - Lowers only
Plain $130.00 each Plain $170.00 each
Black $140.00 each Black $180.00 each
Other $150.00 each Other $190.00 each
Nickel $160.00 each Nickel $200.00 each

2. Manually drill selector switch, trigger and hammer pin holes. For more information on how to perform this necessary modification prior to using High Plains CNC services please call us ahead of time and we can direct you to local enthusiasts where you can perform this operation at no charge.

3. Click Here to rent our CNC mill that will allow you to complete your 80% lower (please note that each rental block is for 1 lower only; if you need to machine more than one lower, please rent the appropriate number of schedule times).

Prices below reflect the CNC rental time.

AR-15 AR-10
$70.00 each $80.00 each
Sample AR Lowers / Uppers: